Succession Planning

a series from The Harvard 100 and NC Center for Nonprofits

Have you planned for your succession?


Succession planning isn’t optional. As nonprofit leaders and board members, it’s your responsibility to ensure there is a plan in place for the next leader of your organization. It’s not a matter of if your executive director will leave – it’s a matter of when. Are you prepared? Is your organization prepared? Join us over the next five weeks as we discuss the importance of succession planning for the health and sustainability of the nonprofit sector.

Succession planning is inevitable. It’s extremely important to ensure that your organization has the right leader at the right time. So has your nonprofit’s board started planning accordingly? Spend a few minutes watching our video series dedicated to the importance of succession planning – and how to execute it well.

“Leadership is everything, and the intentional planning of leadership, that’s what succession planning is all about.”

Eric Guckian shares what exactly should be in your nonprofit organization’s succession plan.

Jeanne Tedrow

NC Center for Nonprofits

“If your executive director is seasoning out… then for the integrity of the organization they will begin to talk with the board and really be transparent about their plans.”

Hear Jeanne Tedrow’s thoughts on how you can help your next executive director succeed.

“You need to plan for succession because the inevitable happens. People leave their jobs.” 

Dana Lange shares the dangers of not having a succession plan in place – and filling the position with wrong person.

Ryan Ray

Jobs for Life 

“Succession planning is critical to the success of an organization.” 

For our last video, listen to Ryan Ray’s thoughts on having a leadership pipeline and how it sets your organization up for both short-term and long-term success.